Paper Submission

Paper Submission (for presenter only)

  • All submission must be original, has not appeared in literature in any form in the past, and will not be submitted to any other venue concurrently with ICDM-2019 submission or until it appears in ICDM-2019 proceedings.
  • The submitted paper must be camera-ready 6-15 pages long and formatted according to ICDM-2019 proceeding template. Papers should be submitted electronically as a DOC / MsWord / RTF File.
  • To make a registration and submit a paper, please connect to the submission link available at the following link.

  • Only papers submitted through the electronic submission system and strictly adhering to the relevant format will be considered for reviewing.
  • All submitted papers should go through an initial screening process by the ICDM-2019 chair to weed out papers which are not suitable for the Seminar scope or have different focus, papers which are marginal, weak papers (not much contribution), written with low quality of English etc.
  • All the submitted papers will be screened for plagiarism using the latest technology. We make it sure that the submitted papers contain original materials.

  • Only good and relevant papers should be processed and sent to TWO independent Program Committee members (we do not want to waste the time of the Program Committee members by sending poor or marginal papers to them)
  • Before final acceptance, all Program Committee members’ comments must be considered.
  • All conditional accepted papers must be resubmitted through electronic submission system.
  • Final acceptance decision will be made by the chairs by checking the revised version.

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